Buyer Checklist


Getting ready for the purchase of your home can be a hectic time.  There are so many details that have to be accounted for that with little effort something could be missed that is absolutely crucial.

To help you get ready for the closing transaction the below is a list of reminders for items that might be necessary for your closing.  If you have any questions as to whether a particular item is necessary for your closing, be sure to talk to a real estate professional.

♦    Picture identification.  Be sure to bring either a Passport or a U.S. Driver’s License to closing.

♦    Certified funds.  If you are bringing money to closing, it is a good idea to get a certified check made payable to yourself or the closing attorney.  By Georgia law a closing attorney can not accept a personal check for funds over $5,000.00, and whether or not the attorney will accept a personal check for less than $5,000.00 is up to the discretion of the attorney.  It is better to get a certified check.  If you are sending a wire directly to the closing attorney’s escrow account, be sure that it is sent in plenty of time to post to the attorney’s account.

♦   Hazard insurance.  Be sure to have your homeowner’s insurance policy taken care of prior to closing, and be sure you either bring evidence of your insurance to closing, or better, get the closing attorney the contact information for your insurance agent.  Do not let this go until the last minute.  Your policy can be paid for at closing, but you must have a policy in place to purchase your house.

♦  Lender conditions.  Was there anything that your mortgage professional advised you would need to bring to closing?  Copies of pay stubs or bank account statements?  If your lender requested that you bring something to closing, it is probable that the item was a condition for your loan, and it is possible that the closing transaction will not be able to take place without that item.

♦  Attorney conditions.  Did the closing attorney require you to bring any original documents to closing?  Very often there are items that the closing attorney will need to perform the closing that you may have in your possession.  You may have had a power of attorney prepared for one of the purchasers, for example, and that document will need to be recorded along with the deeds for your purchase.  If the attorney’s office requests that you bring something in particular to closing, be sure to do so.

The closing can be an exciting experience for you as the buyer.  Don’t let these small but important details interfere with that great experience!