Residential Real Estate Law

A residential real estate closing can either be like the sound of a beautiful piece of music being played by several musicians or it can be like the sound of several musicians dropping all of their instruments in one clanging heap on the floor. The key to a good experience is the communication, experience, work ethic, and flexibility of the parties involved.

At the Bowers Law Firm we know our job is to make sure that we are handling with the utmost proficiency all aspects of the closing that the closing attorney is responsible for and to be in communication and work with all other parties involved, agents, loan officers, buyers and sellers, so that we can all accomplish our common goal. And that common goal is the purchase and sale of a home and the closing of a loan where buyer and seller or borrower walks away with a smile at the experience they have had.

Beyond doing a great job we like to make all parties feel comfortable at the closing table, and one of my favorite things to hear from a buyer or seller is, “Wow, this was so much easier than I thought it was going to be.” Let us work with you to make the closing experience a fantastic one.